From the beginning our working corsets have been our best selling items. Our clients have been very pleased with the quality and workmanship.  Due to their success we have greatly expanded the working corset line and even branched into some modern day styles.  We have received emails and feedback raving over the comfort of the working corset and how easy it is to wear, even through multi-day events. Many ladies are simply amazed.

Our clients encouraged us to create the formal corset.  This is a very historically accurate replica.    When a period correct corset is a necessity this corset is perfect.  

All styles are machine washable. I recommend line drying.  They are made with pre-washed and pre-shrunk, 100% cotton duck cloth.

These corsets are not intended to drastically reduce your waist size. They are made to take the strain, but your body is not. For health reasons, I do not recommend taking more than four inches off of your waist size. The working corsets can be also used for formal dress. I include lacing instructions with each corset. This provides you with details on how to properly put on and wear your new corset. The instructions are printed on a bright colored slip of paper attached to your packing slip.

We’ve tried to trouble shoot some commonly asked questions on our Corset Q&A page.  Hopefully this will be a valuable resource for you.  Since a corset is something most people are not familiar with purchasing we also encourage correspondence. We will happily answer all your questions and do our best to assure a great fit.

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