Presentations of the Past

I speak for local organizations on a regular basis. These include schools (both public and home), guilds, clubs, political groups, reunions…. you name it. These are usually private settings, paid for by the group, so I probably won’t add a schedule but if you would like me to speak for your organization I’d be glad to discuss it with you. I have a list of topics below or we can cater a presentation to your needs. Presentations last from half an hour to all day depending on the setting and situation.

The Roles of Women During the Civil War: Learn how women served as soldiers, spies, nurses and homemakers for the cause.


Everyday Lifestyle: How people lived, what they wore, what they ate, the tools they used….


Homemaking Skills: Learn about the importance of candle and soap making, weaving and sewing, basket making, laundry, herb gathering and other homemaking skills.


Cooking, Baking and Canning: The lady of the house was responsible to see that her household was well fed. What did she prepare and how did she fix it? How did she preserve food and what tools did she use?


The School Ma’am: What was school like? Meet the school ma’am, answer questions from a math book circa 1849, play word games and read period poetry.


Toys and Games: What did children do in their spare time when the chores were completed? Learn about their toys and games and then get to play!


Music: What is the history behind some of our legendary songs. How did the Armies use music? Learn about the “forbidden” songs. How important was music to the Slaves?


What is That?: In this game try to guess what the antique items are and then learn how they were used.


Other topics may be available upon request.

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