Corset Q & A

What is the difference between the lined and unlined corsets?

Both the lined and unlined corsets started out with the same pattern.  They will give the same silhouette, fit the same and feel the same.  The unlined corset is made of one layer of fabric with special bias tape pockets for the boning.  The lined corset is made from two layers of fabric with the boning sewn in between the layers.  Typically lined means that something is of a better quality but that’s not the case here.  Both styles are the same quality.

 Do you recommend the lined or unlined corset?

I really can’t recommend either style.  Both are the same quality and will look the same under your dress.  Personally, I wear an unlined corset because I figure that one layer of fabric has to be cooler than two.  This is a totally personal choice and there is no “wrong” way to go with it.

What is the difference between the working and formal style corsets?

The working corsets are made with flexible metal boning an close in the front with hook and eye tape.  This makes them very comfortable and easy to wear.  They allow for some movement while still giving the proper shape.  They are also easy to put on since you never have to unlace them.  You can get in and out of your corset using the hooks in the front.

The formal corsets are made with flat metal boning and busk in the front.  The are very ridged and don’t allow for a lot of movement.  They are not uncomfortable to wear just more restrictive.  You will need to untie it and loosen the laces each time you wear it.  Many people find it easier to get into it with help.

Do you recommend the working or formal style?

This depends on what is important to you and what you plan to be doing while wearing it.  If comfort is a higher priority and historical accuracy (especially since no one will actually see your corset and either style will give you the same look) than you will want a working corset.  If accuracy is your highest priority than you will want to go with the formal.  I wear both styles.  When I am working with children or demonstrating sewing I wear the working style.  If I am simply speaking or walking around I go with the formal.

How do I take my measurements?

*Please provide your waist, bust, and hip measurements in inches.  The tape measure should be tight enough to stay in place but not so tight that it is cutting into your body.  I need your actual measurements.  I’ll do the math to make sure that you get the proper fit.

The bust measurement, taken at the fullest part, can be taken while wearing a bra.

The waist measurement should be taken at your natural waist line – about 2″ above your belly button.  Where you bend, not where you wear your jeans!

The hip measurement should be taken at about crotch level.

If you are tall or long waisted or short or short waisted please send your overall height and the distance between your arm pit straight down to the very top of your hip bone.  The “average” for this is around 12″.

Do you offer over or under bust corsets?

Not at this time.  All of my corsets are demi bust coming to about the nipple line.

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