Public Appearances

I enjoy getting out, speaking, demonstrating and learning.  Most of my engagements are for private organizations through my Presentations of the Past offerings. I also do a few local living history events where I demonstrate treadle sewing on one of my antique machines.  Living history provides a great way of learning – somehow information just seems to sink in better when it’s delivered from someone in “old fashioned” clothing.  My favorite “thank you” came from an elementary school student who told me that she loved me “because you taught me about the way back then people!”  :-D

When I have a public event coming up I’ll try to remember to post it on the “living history” page.

Every year I have the enjoyable experience of demonstrating on the front porch of a lovely old home. The view is fantastic and there is usually a nice breeze.

I have a bowl full of sour  bread dough that I'm using for a presentation on the New Berlin Historical Museum.

I have a bowl full of sour bread dough that I’m using for a presentation at the New Berlin Historical Museum.

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